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Janis Brenner: The Body Does Not Forget

Guest author Janis Brenner, choreographer, dancer, and teacher, shares her insight about the injuries she's sustained throughout her career and the positive meaning they have.

Guest Post: Dancer Injuries – What You Need to Know

If you're physically active, you occasionally experience pain in your muscles or joints. How do you know if you have a potentially serious condition or if you're just feeling the bumps and bruises that are the inevitable result of an active lifestyle? Deborah Vogel, specialist in training dancers to prevent injuries, shares her insights on listening to your body's signals.

Is There a Benefit to Using Protein Drinks for Weight Loss?

Protein powder meal replacement supplements are often recommended as part of a weight-loss plan. Do they work?

Simple Carpal Tunnel Exam – Just Answer Three Questions

Weakness, tingling and pain in the fingers? You may have carpal tunnel syndrome. There's an easy way to figure out your diagnosis.

Exercise for Neck Pain: Can We Do Better?

Best exercises for neck pain? Four experts weigh in.

Guest Post: Walking Seniors Raise Fitness, Funds for Charity

One woman's inspiring story of discovering walking as the ideal way to improve fitness, raise funds for charity, and strengthen social ties.

Chiropractic Better for Neck Pain

The Annals of Internal Medicine published a research study demonstrating that chiropractic care is the best approach for neck pain.

Pay Attention to Your Body

The story of "Mike," who recovered from carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms by using the Alexander method.

Guest Article: Conscious Fitness

True fitness increases by paying attention to bodily cues while engaging in all of life's activities. Deepen your insight into this principle and discover some simple movement activities to strengthen your body-mind connection in this guest article by E. Yen Zak and Dr. Martha Eddy.

Fibromyalgia – One Of The Symptoms Of Mineral Deficiency?

Analysis of hair samples shows that women with fibromyalgia have significantly lower levels of five essential minerals.

What’s the Ideal Mix of Carbs vs. Protein for Your Diet?

Nutritionists try to calculate the optimal dietary ratio of carbohydrates to proteins to maintain healthy blood sugar, provide energy, and stabilize mood. But there's an easier way...
Gentle, Effective Pain Relief with NeuroTactile® Therapy

Gentle, Effective Pain Relief with NeuroTactile® Therapy

NeuroTactile (tm) Therapy uses a light finger-tip stroke to stimulate nerve endings in the skin to erase pain signals and change the brain's processing of pain.

It’s Not the Pain, It’s the Fatigue

A recent survey asked fibromyalgia patients what their symptoms were really like. Discover what they said...

Be Prepared for Life – Four Steps All Seniors Should Take to Prevent Falls and Minimize Their Impact

Plan ahead to avoid falls in your home and to minimize the negative health impact if you do have an unfortunate accident. Learn the four most important steps you can take to be prepared.

The First Step in Diagnosing Knee Pain

Discover the important diagnostic factors that help you doctor diagnose the cause of your knee pain.

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