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The Fourth Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

The FDA tracks adverse drug reactions in the United States and ranks them as the 4th leading cause of death.
Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics

Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics

The manufacturers of cosmetics and skin care products use a variety of potentially harmful chemicals in their products, run inadequate safety tests, label them in confusing ways, and then unleash them on unsuspecting consumers. Protect your health by getting to the bottom of the confusion.

What Is Postherpetic Neuralgia?

Learn the causes and treatment options for postherpetic neuralgia, a painful, long term condition that can arise when you're recovering from a bout of shingles.
When bending backward hurts

When bending backward hurts

Learn the simple steps to control the pain of lumbar facet syndrome.

How a Foot Adjustment Helps Your Brain Work Better

A simple adjustment can help your foot recover from an injury. But the effects of an adjustment go beyond that - correcting imbalances of the joints of the feet can improve the way your brain controls posture and movement.
Sacroiliac joint injury and piriformis pain

Sacroiliac joint injury and piriformis pain

The sacroiliac joint and the muscles that support it are common sources of low back and buttock pain. Discover how to minimize shear stress in the sacroiliac joint and avoid pain and injury.

New Research Emerges on “Wonder Herb”

Discover the medical consensus that's emerging from new research about the diverse health benefits of an herbal preparation.

Just Do This Every Morning

Improve your fitness by climbing stairs while holding weights. Simple. Easy. Very effective.

Update on Barefoot Running Benefits

Many runners have switched to a "barefoot" running style that involves landing on the forefoot instead of the heel. Forefoot landing may offer protection from overuse injury. But new research shows that a conventional running style is more energy efficient.
Learning to be Healthy is Like Learning to Ride a Bike

Learning to be Healthy is Like Learning to Ride a Bike

When you learn to ride a bike, it’s important to know the rules of the road. In my case it was my dad who taught me: ride on the right, wear a helmet, use hand signals, and so forth. It’s all good advice. But even when you know these rules, you still don’t know how to ride. Your brain, muscles, and balance system still can’t coordinate their actions to create a positive result. In the world of preventive healthcare, it’s like being told to eat nine servings of vegetables, exercise every day, get adequate sleep, and the like. It’s all good advice. Follow it. But none of it trains your brain, digestive tract, kidneys, liver, and endocrine glands to coordinate their actions to create a positive health result.

Janis Brenner: The Body Does Not Forget

Guest author Janis Brenner, choreographer, dancer, and teacher, shares her insight about the injuries she's sustained throughout her career and the positive meaning they have.

Guest Post: Dancer Injuries – What You Need to Know

If you're physically active, you occasionally experience pain in your muscles or joints. How do you know if you have a potentially serious condition or if you're just feeling the bumps and bruises that are the inevitable result of an active lifestyle? Deborah Vogel, specialist in training dancers to prevent injuries, shares her insights on listening to your body's signals.

Is There a Benefit to Using Protein Drinks for Weight Loss?

Protein powder meal replacement supplements are often recommended as part of a weight-loss plan. Do they work?

Simple Carpal Tunnel Exam – Just Answer Three Questions

Weakness, tingling and pain in the fingers? You may have carpal tunnel syndrome. There's an easy way to figure out your diagnosis.

Exercise for Neck Pain: Can We Do Better?

Best exercises for neck pain? Four experts weigh in.

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