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Are Antidepressants Effective?

Are Antidepressants Effective?

Depression has emerged as a major health problem, with as many as 10% of Americans now on antidepressant medication. Are these drugs helpful? What are the alternatives?

How to Cook Without a Recipe

One of the most important parts of my college experience has been the food co-op that I cooked and ate in for three years. The challenge of preparing a healthy meal for 30 people based on the sometimes limited ingredients that were available, while also providing for the vegans, the lactose intolerants and a host of other specific dietary needs, brought out a certain kind of focus and drive that I was seldom capable of outside of that kitchen. Here’s a few pieces of advice, and maybe some good anecdotes too, for planning and preparing meals for a large group.

Vitamin d2 vs d3

You know vitamin D is good for you, but which shall it be? Vitamin D2 or Vitamin D3? Does it even matter?

Magnesium for Migraines

Discover an easy nutritional option that's been shown to cut the frequency of migraine attacks by 40%.

It’s Easy to Fix Positional Dizziness – The Most Common Cause of Vertigo

Good news - the most common cause of dizziness can be diagnosed without fancy tests and can often be treated simply without drugs or surgery.

Know the Early Signs of Stroke – A Quick 4 Part Screening Test

Learn a simple four part screening test that could save someone's life.

Free Dance Classes for Cancer Recovery

Dr. Martha Eddy and Moving for Life offer free dance classes to help in the recovery from cancer.

Pink Slime Burgers? Better Know What You’re Putting In Your Mouth

An article on food safety and the questionable ingredients found in processed foods from "Currant Table" - a blog covering food sustainability.

The Art of Teaching Dance – Part 2

Part Two of an interview with Laura Donnelly, Alexander Teacher and Assistant Professor of Dance at Kansas State University.

Why People Skip the Medication They’re Supposed to Take

Up to one-third of patients fail to fill their prescriptions and about three-quarters fall short of taking their medication as directed. Why? And what should policy-makers do about it?

The Danger of Dehydration in the Elderly

Know the signs of dehydration in the elderly, the common causes, and the simple steps to fix the problem.
Laura Donnelly and the art of teaching dance

Laura Donnelly and the art of teaching dance

An interview with Laura Donnelly, Assistant Professor of Dance at Kansas State University, and teacher of the Alexander Technique.

What Works Best to Treat Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome?

A survey performed in 2003 asked people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity what treatments worked best.
Avoid bench press injuries

Avoid bench press injuries

Learn to avoid bench press injuries with advice from T-Nation.

Recipe for Pepper Soup

Delicious, simple recipe for pepper soup.

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