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Tendonitis symptoms and our new knowledge

Tendonitis symptoms and our new knowledge

As our scientific knowledge of tendon problems grows, chiropractic principles of treatment are proving effective.

Knee Injections Not Recommended by Orthopedic Association

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons now recommends against the use of hyaluronic acid (Synvisc) injections for arthritic knees. That doesn't leave many proven options for people with knee pain...

Breathing Exercises for Natural Anxiety Relief, Pain Control and More

Three simple breathing exercises to help you relax and gain mental clarity.

Why Doctors Push Diagnostic Tests You Don’t Need

A paper from the Canadian Medical Association Journal in 1986 describes the sad overuse of advanced medical technology, even where it hasn't proved itself to be useful.

Guest Article: What Is Biofeedback Therapy for Chronic Pain?

Guest article on biofeedback for chronic pain, from expert author Dr. Lawrence Thomas, Director of The Brain Clinic.

What Causes a Loss of Smell and What You Can Do About It

Loss of your sense of smell is common and can have serious health consequences, which are usually under-appreciated.
New Evidence on NeuroTactile® Therapy (bindegewebsmassage)

New Evidence on NeuroTactile® Therapy (bindegewebsmassage)

Research on the effects of Neurotactile Therapy shows that it increases blood flow and affects autonomic nervous system regulation.

Nutritional Value of Mushrooms

The humble mushroom is gaining popularity as a healthy food. And for good reason...

Pain sensitization in the spinal cord

Pain research at Stanford measures the altered state of the spinal cord as it becomes sensitized from a repeated painful experience.

Espress Yourself

Your life is like espresso......

Dangerous Drugs That Put Seniors At Risk

Guest article from Drugwatch, a consumer watchdog website, on the dangers of certain prescription medications for seniors.
Dr. Lavine Interviewed by Virginia Reed for Progressive Radio Network

Dr. Lavine Interviewed by Virginia Reed for Progressive Radio Network

A radio interview of Dr. Ronald Lavine by Virginia Reed on Progressive Radio Network.

Helping Lower Back Pain With Chiropractic – New Scientific Evidence

The latest research on chiropractic methods for helping lower back pain from the medical journal Spine.

New Standards for the Diagnosis of Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis

The diagnostic criteria for spinal stenosis are controversial. Which tests are best? How do the physical signs of pain and leg weakness connect with the MRI picture of a narrowed spinal canal?

Touch in Communication and Health

You live in a world of tactile experience although you may only rarely think about it. Scientists are learning the vast significance of the sense of touch in communication, healing, learning, and emotional expression.

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