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Warning: Consult a Physician Before Beginning Any Program of Physical Inactivity

Warning; Consult a Physician Before Beginning Any Program of Physical Inactivity

More on Eccentric Workouts Versus Concentric Muscle Loading

Researchers studied the strength gains from eccentric workouts.

Cognitive Training Continues to Boost Your Brain Power Year After Year

Cognitive training continues to give benefits even ten years down the road.

Are You Over-Stressed or Under-Recuperated?

Dealing with stress is a universal fact of modern life. It comes at you from every direction – at work, when ...

Heart Rate Variability – The Most Important Diagnostic Test You’ve Never Heard Of

Testing heart rate variability opens a window onto your autonomic nerve function and general health.

Spare your knees when you run

Latest research on forefoot landing versus rearfoot landing styles in runners. The mechanical loads shift, but there are trade-offs involved.

Latest Research on Touch and Health

Summaries of four recent scientific articles in the growing field of touch and health.

Latest Research Wrap-Up

Recent research gathered from a variety of medical journals.

Happiness – Guest Post

Alex Eingorn, DC, offers his thoughts on happiness
Why exercise is good for your brain

Why exercise is good for your brain

There's a lot more to exercise than mindlessly counting off the minutes on the treadmill.

Gourmet Guide to Lower Blood Pressure

High nutrient foods that have been shown to help you control high blood pressure.

What’s Good for Your Heart is Good for Your Brain

A heart-healthy diet has now been proven to enhance cognition.
The Chemistry of Bulging Disc Treatment

The Chemistry of Bulging Disc Treatment

Back pain means more than a breakdown of your spine's biomechanics. The chemistry of back pain is complex and offers clues to treatment.

More Bad News About Anti-Depressants

New research shows a 50% to 75% increase in gastrointestinal bleeding among those taking antidepressants, even when the drugs are taken for as little as 7 days.

Gluten Sensitivity – Part 3 – Stumbling Upon a Cure

A reader forwarded me this letter written by a chronic pain sufferer who found relief on a gluten-free diet. With his permission, I'm sharing this letter with you.

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