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I Like Cookies

Sugar provides instant gratification to the brain's pleasure centers. No wonder I like cookies so much! Unfortunately, the pleasure comes with many health risks.

Number One Reason People Call Poison Hotline

The most common reason people call a poison hotline is the use of pain killer drugs.

Science reveals simple steps to health – 4 latest examples

The health breakthroughs we need don't have to come from a high tech research lab. Four recent scientific articles underscore the value of common sense and public health approaches.

Two Things I Learned from My Patient Liz

My experience with Liz reinforced for me the risk of anesthesia, and also reminded me that the brain serves the body, not the other way around.
Two Best Reasons Not to Eat at Night

Two Best Reasons Not to Eat at Night

You should cut short your day's eating by 8pm or even earlier. Here's why...

Feeling Hungry? Actually You’re Thirsty

More on the importance of hydration from acupuncturist Karen Flicker

Judgeth Not Those Eating Evil Foods – Not Even Yourself

The Suppers Programs offer non-judgmental support for making diet changes

Sitting Is the New Smoking

Discover all the ways sitting is bad for your health, and be inspired to choose alternatives.

Why Chiropractic Isn’t “Alternative” Healthcare

Employees of a large company who had back pain did better - and saved their company money - if they were treated by doctors of chiropractic.

Mix of Amino Acids, Herbs Beats Back Pain

A combination of amino acids and herbal anti-inflammatories beats NSAID's for back pain.

Research Proves: Reverse Cognitive Decline With Diet, Lifestyle Changes

Memory loss and cognitive decline are largely preventable (and even reversible) with a comprehensive personalized program of diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Is It Just Normal Aging? (Or Am I Losing My Mind?) Two simple ways to tell

Two simple self-assessment tests help distinguish between healthy aging and potentially more serious varieties of memory decline.
What my colleague George (Dr. Russell) taught me about the knee

What my colleague George (Dr. Russell) taught me about the knee

The knee joint allows for a limited amount of rotation between the femur and tibia. Controlling that rotation is usually an automatic function of your muscles. But when the joint goes awry, you may need an adjustment to fix it.
How doctors tell if you need statins

How doctors tell if you need statins

Try out the cardiovascular risk assessment method used by the National Health service of the UK.

Confessions in the Gym – or, How to Use Peer Pressure for Your Benefit

"Peer pressure" seems like a useless vestige from middle school. As adults, we should strive to live for our own values, driven by our own personal motivations. But what if you could use peer pressure to your advantage?

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