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For Bone Density – Let Them Eat Prunes!

Eating prunes improved bone density in a 2011 study of post-menopausal women.

Do You Need Spinal Fusion Surgery?

The results of the Swedish study of surgery in stenosis patients.

Tendon Problems and Your Brain

The brain is invariably involved in chronic tendon problems, and creative treatment solutions are needed.

We Came to Dance

  Click this link for an inspiring video: We Came to Dance

Today’s Spiritual and Health Imperative

The importance of self-acceptance.

Low Back Pain, Section 3: The lifecycle of back pain

chronic nature of back pain

Low Back Pain, Section 2: Research Status

Research status of spina manipulation for treating low back pain

Exercise Prevents Back Pain Recurrence

Exercise has been proven to prevent recurrence of low back pain.

Got Tight Hamstrings?

Stretching doesn't necessary help your muscles to become less stiff. But it has an effect on the brain.

Poor Sleep – The Hidden Epidemic

An epidemic of poor sleep is walloping the nation's health. Here's what you can do about it...

Better to Set Modest Goals?

My experience training for a 5K
My Brother-In-Law Keeps a Supply in His Golf Bag

My Brother-In-Law Keeps a Supply in His Golf Bag

Using NSAID's to alleviate the pain of muscle and tendon injuries will get you back onto the field of play sooner but may lead to poorer results in the long run. Here are some alternatives....

The Best Tests to Determine if You Need Statins

Specific tests can help you learn if you really need to take statin drugs or not.
Lead By Example

Lead By Example

The non-verbal component of communication conveys important social and emotional cues.

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