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I’ve witnessed the entire cycle of the opioid epidemic

Throughout my career I've witnessed the entire arc of the opioid crisis.

Nordic hamstring exercises and why you need them

Eccentric training of the hamstrings with Nordic hamstring curls reduces the incidence of hamstring injuries.

Is meat good for you? It depends…..

Grass fed beef has a far higher nutrient content than corn fed.
Why I am a chiropractor

Why I am a chiropractor

The field of chiropractic embodies the important trends emerging in scientific health care.

Benefits and risks of antidepressant medication

Antidepressant drugs cause a dangerous 33% increase in mortality. Safer alternatives exist.

Why Roundup is dangerous to your health

The active ingredient in Roundup, glycophosphate, damages your enzymes and contributes to chronic disease

Weight training and bone density

Weight training is an essential part of a program to maintain muscle mass and prevent fragility fractures.

Humans strive for social status above all else. Why?

Humans strive for social status as a way to improve their health.
Today’s health tip: breathe out!

Today’s health tip: breathe out!

Simply prolonging the exhale phase of breath has many health benefits similar to the benefits of mindfulness meditation.

Who’s an insignificant speck of dust?

Spiritual wisdom from an old Jewish tale

Hospital consolidation is bad for your health

Consolidation of health care into large hospital chains is bad for the nation's health.

Secret to chronic happiness

Kaiser Health News is a great source of information, particularly about the politics and economics of health.

Use these 10 strategies to give your life an energy boost

Ten ways to boost your energy

Latest research reveals even more questions about the medical model

Four recent studies suggest caution in accepting certain aspects of the medical model.
Running biomechanics and the “preferred path” theory

Running biomechanics and the “preferred path” theory

The preferred path model of running biomechanics points to a new way to help runners improve speed and prevent injury.

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