44% reduction in suicidal activity with folate supplementation

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Anxiety, Depression and Stress, Functional Medicine | 0 comments

Supplementing with folate (vitamin B-9) dramatically lowers the rate of suicide and self-harm. And it’s simple, safe, and affordable.

Hopefully, you’re not at risk for suicide — if you are, take immediate action to reach out to someone who can help!

But even if your problems are less severe, you may suffer from a negative mood, depression, or low energy. Any of these issues could also respond to folate supplementation.

If you’re considering taking additional folate, I recommend the form of folate that is most bioactive: 5-methyltetrahydrofolate. We’ll call it 5-MTHF for short.

Folate, folic acid, and 5-MTHF are not the same thing.

If you take folic acid or other forms of folate, your body first has to convert it to 5-MTHF before you can use it. Some people have a genetic variation that makes this conversion more difficult.

There’s a genetic test for that. You could have that test done. But it’s simpler just to take 5-MTHF.

Have you signed up with Fullscript, my online nutrition supplier? Here’s the link. You can shop for 5-MTHF on Fullscript and be confident you’re getting a high quality supplement.

Dr. Lavine has been an innovator in the use of movement and touch to promote health since 1981. He practices in New York City and Princeton, NJ.


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