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Dr. Lavine and the DRX-9000

Dr. Ronald Lavine


Non-Surgical Lumbar Decompression

with the DRX-9000

lumbar vertebra

Back in 2002 I became one of the first doctors in New York City to treat herniated discs with the DRX-9000.

I’ve been able to help several hundred patients free themselves from low back pain, restore the motion of the low back, and regain a normal life.


DRX-9000 for Lumbar Decompression

I’ve written a lot about the DRX-9000 and how it works for herniated discs.   It represents an important breakthrough in low back care.  You can begin to learn more by reading THIS ARTICLE I wrote.

But a complete approach to helping people with low back problems has to go way beyond the DRX-9000.

That’s because low back pain is complex.  Every case is different.  To speed your recovery, you can’t just focus on stretching open the discs.  That’s why I’ve developed a comprehensive approach to spinal pain problems, with expertise in nearly every scientifically-valid, well-researched form of conservative care.

Ronald Lavine, DC

Ronald Lavine, DC

Here’s some of what I mean:

Therapeutic exercise, postural alignment and body awareness

My expertise in therapeutic exercise began more than 35 years ago – long before I dreamed of studying chiropractic.  I have an extensive background in kinesiology, rehabilitative exercise, and methods of postural alignment and body awareness.  I’ve spent years studying dance, yoga, the Alexander Technique, Pilates, strength training, and much more.   In addition to my work with patients, I’ve taught movement and rehabilitation methods to dancers and dance teachers, yoga instructors, sports trainers, and others.

This experience allows me to tailor a therapeutic program specifically for you.  Everyone can benefit from therapeutic exercise, as long as it takes into consideration the nature of your low back condition, how bad your pain and inflammation are, how old you are,  and other individual factors.

plank pose

You can begin to learn more about therapeutic exercise and how it can help you by reading THIS ARTICLE I wrote.

Treatment of the muscles and connective tissues

Hands-on therapy of the body’s soft tissues is another proven method to help low back pain.

I use Myofascial Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy to release muscle knots and restore the normal pliability of the soft tissues.  For those who require a very gentle touch, I also have extensive experience with CranioSacral Therapy.

I also am one of only a handful of specialists in NEUROTACTILE(tm) THERAPY, a specialized method developed by German physical therapists in the 1920’s to stimulate the nerve endings in the skin, alleviate pain and rebalance the brain’s pain pathways.

neurotactile therap bindegewebsmassage

Mobilization and manipulation of the spinal joints

Restoring normal motion of the spinal joints is an important part of low back care.  Spinal adjustments, the mobilization and manipulation techniques that form the historic core of chiropractic practice, can be effective in allowing normal low back motion.  In my experience, these methods have to be used strategically, introduced at an appropriate stage of recovery, or sometimes avoided altogether.

low back mobilization

You can begin to learn more about spinal joint mobilization and manipulation by reading THIS ARTICLE I wrote.

Nutrition and the chemistry of low back pain

Low back problems can be accentuated by a low level of system-wide inflammation, drying out of the intervertebral discs, and other biochemical and metabolic factors.

Diet changes and targeted nutrition supplements can become an important part of recovery for some of my patients. LEARN MORE.

Stress, social, and spiritual aspects of low back pain

People with low back pain aren’t living in a vacuum.  Stress, depression, emotional, and social factors play a big role.

I’m not a psychotherapist or a social worker.  But I can offer understanding, unhurried listening, and compassion.

Avoiding MRI’s and other unnecessary tests

In general, imaging tests such as MRI’s, CAT scans, and Xrays add little to your chance of recovering from back pain.  Of course, there are exceptional circumstances.  But as often as possible I prefer use the more relevant diagnostic tests of movement performance and palpation to get directly to the heart of your problem.  You can learn more about the misuse of imaging tests by reading THIS ARTICLE I wrote.

“I was preoccupied with back pain. I didn’t rest well and used to wake up in pain. The pain was slowing me down; I thought differently and acted differently. Now my energy level is back up. I can walk better and start exercising again. I’ve almost forgotten what the pain used to be like.” ……Robert Bernstein


“I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without fear that my back would freeze up on me. I had to keep two canes close at hand in case I was suddenly unable to hold myself up.

My doctor tried epidural injections two different times, but the pain only went away temporarily. They surgeon told me I needed surgery for my discs, but I knew I didn’t want it. Even if the operation was successful, I dreaded the hospital stay and the weeks of home confinement. That’s when a friend raved to me about Dr. Ron Lavine.

My sister had had good results with Lumbar Decompression Therapy, and when Dr. Lavine told me that my condition qualified for the treatment, I was ready to give it a try.

At first I wasn’t sure if it was helping or not, but before long I knew I had made the right choice! The pain and spasms are gone. Surgery is the last thing on my mind!”……… Ruth Brisbane


“I haven’t felt this good in 18 months. And I’ve only been doing it for one week!” …….Ms. B


“Ever since I had hip surgery, my low back began to get bad, and beginning about a year ago my problem became unbearable. It wasn’t just the pain – it was that I couldn’t do anything. My legs were weak and unsteady, and I could barely even walk.

If I had to go somewhere – shopping, for instance – I had to take a cab wherever I was going, then go home by cab immediately after. I would be exhausted. My life had become so limited, there were days when I felt like throwing myself in front of a bus.

Within a few visits I could tell that lumbar decompression therapy was going to help me. There have been a few ups and downs along the way, but now, after about fifteen sessions, my low back is much better. I almost can’t believe it.
Dr. Lavine showed me the right exercises to do along the way and now, to go to the next level, I plan to join a local gym! ……..Sally Perricone


Here’s how to schedule your free initial consultation

Every month I leave two appointment slots open for those who want to find out more about the DRX-9000 lumbar decompression program and how it could help overcome low back pain, disc problems, and sciatica.

Call me on my personal phone line – 212-400-9663 – and I can answer any further questions you have. Then I’ll fit you in at the earliest convenient time for a personal consultation. We’ll review your situation, and I’ll perform an examination to determine if lumbar decompression with the DRX-9000 is likely to help you.

Then, if it’s appropriate, you can experience your first lumbar decompression treatment. It’s all at no charge. If the program of care seems like a good fit for your needs, we’ll develop an overall comprehensive treatment plan (and we’ll discuss the corresponding fees, of course!)

Would love to welcome you aboard.


Best wishes!

Ronald Lavine, DC

PS – If you want to learn even more about my background, check out my BIO PAGE.  And you can take a look at this page of frequently asked questions, too.

“My back problem was making my life awful. I had to take 4 ibuprofen and a flexoril every four hours just to be able to sit. I couldn’t rehearse, couldn’t exercise, couldn’t go to an audition. I was missing a lot of rehearsals and performances. My director was taking notice and I was under pressure to keep going even though I knew I shouldn’t be pushing myself.

“Worst of all were my fears: what if the problem never went away or even got worse? What could I do if I couldn’t dance, couldn’t audition, couldn’t even teach? I worked with another chiropractor for nearly a year. She was great but my pain wasn’t much better. I tried stretching three or more times a day to see if that would work. Then I tried not stretching to see if that would work. Nothing worked.

“Finally I heard about lumbar decompression with Dr. Lavine. The morning after my first treatment I already felt noticeably better. I was shocked! It wasn’t long before I was back working out, taking dance classes again, and not only showing up for all rehearsals, but actually enjoying them! I have zero pain. I don’t even think about it any more.

“The thing I love the best is the feeling I get after a treatment. My posture muscles kick in automatically the way they should. I always knew I should be using my stomach muscles to support my low back but somehow they weren’t able to do it. Now they remember intuitively how to take the pressure off my spine. It’s like the treatment continues even after the session is over.

“I’m so grateful to Dr. Lavine and the DRX-9000.” …….Phil Simmons

Ronald Lavine, DC


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