Embodied healthcare. Since 1981.

A brain-based approach to health

Effective treatment to relieve pain and restore heath must alter the brain pathways that monitor the inner state of the body....

35 years research and development

Dr. Lavine has pioneered the use of NeuroTactile Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, joint mobilization, and body awareness exercises....

Complex health conditions

Pain and other health problems don't exist in a vacuum, but are part of a complex web involving all aspects of your health, lifestyle, and social environment.....

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A career-long commitment to understanding the human system in health and illness...

Ronald Lavine, DC

Join the thousands of patients who have benefited from Dr. Lavine’s 35 years’ experience helping people overcome complex health challenges.

His unparalleled expertise in diverse manual therapy techniques effectively relieves pain and restores your ability to enjoy life.

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Dr. Lavine: Your Ally in

Alleviating Pain & Restoring Health

Dr. Lavine’s methods target brain pain pathways and the processing systems that influence your health. His expertise includes

  • mobilization of the joints to enhance feedback to the brain,
  • releasing disturbances of muscles and connective tissues, and
  • improving body awareness, posture and patterns of movement.

His practice locations in Manhattan and Princeton, NJ allow for convenient scheduling of your initial consultation and follow-up visits. You’ll enjoy safe, effective treatment to rapidly alleviate back and neck pain, pinched nerves, fibromyalgia and chronic pain, dance and sports injuries, herniated discs and sciatica, headache, the effects of head trauma, and other complex health problems.

If you’re engaged in sports or fitness activities, you’ll have the opportunity to fine tune your exercise regimen to maximize performance and boost fitness while minimizing the risk of injury. And if your lifestyle has grown too sedentary, Dr. Lavine will help jump-start your return to a lifetime of enjoyable physical activity.

IMG_1630Specialized approaches help you age gracefully, using gentle treatment with NeuroTactile™ Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and more.

Place your confidence in Dr. Lavine’s expert hands and move quickly toward better health.

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Getting well, Staying well

5 5 1
When I first met Dr. Lavine last November, I had just suffered two severe muscle spasms in my back. Years of not taking care of myself physically had finally caught up, and I was not only in a lot of pain but also in fear for my future well-being and mobility. A combination of adjustments and neurofascial therapy eased my condition, and at the beginning of our sixth session, my first instinct was to say to myself, "I'm cured." I'm happy to say that Dr. Lavine made me think twice about my commitment to myself--and I scheduled another round of appointments for continuing "renewal" treatments. Now, regularly scheduled neurofascial therapy with Dr. Lavine releases the muscle tension in my back and neck, letting me continue to heal without further injury.

No one could have felt worse than me!

5 5 1
It began with back pain and trouble walking and bending. I went to one of the “top doctors” at one of the “top hospitals.” That only made things worse. The physical therapist he sent me to did me no good at all either. Then one day at work my back went out really severely -- they had to send me home in a taxicab. I was in bed for two weeks. I managed to get over that attack, but it happened again less than a year later. My boss wasn’t sure I would ever come back to work. I was a young man, full of energy and drive. But I was confined to bed. Would I ever get better? What was to become of me? None of the doctors could help me. Would I spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair, taking larger and larger doses of Vicodin? My condition seemed hopeless. A friend recommended Dr. Lavine, but I was skeptical. A chiropractor? The idea of seeing a chiropractor was unthinkable. But my pain was so bad and my situation so desperate, I was willing to try the unthinkable. My partner literally had to rent a van and hoist me into it so I could get to Dr. Lavine’s office that first day. Something about him helped me feel comfortable right from the start. I was at the end of my emotional rope, and he helped haul me back. He seemed to understand what I was going through and what he might be able to do to help. I walked out of his office that day under my own power and with a reasonable degree of comfort. He had used his specialty technique with me – NeuroTactile Therapy – and other methods as well. He seemed to have a lot of different ways to help me. Over the next few weeks, his treatment plan worked better and better. I quickly got back to being my old self. Now I only need to come once or twice a year for an occasional tune-up. He’s not just a “mechanic,” he’s a real healer -- of mind and body.

Jewish mother

5 5 1
Of all the manipulators I have had in my life, including a Jewish mother, you're the best, Ron.

fibromyalgia, chronic back pain

5 5 1
Dr. Lavine's treatment addresses several conditions that I developed early: fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, knee pain, and foot problems. You'd think I was a walking disaster! But at 61 I lead an active life and manage quite well. I don't need pain medicines and my overall health is better. I can work long days reading, writing, teaching, and making jewelry-- all of which I love."

Huge "bag of tricks"

5 5 1
Ron Lavine has been working on me for over 12 years. He does more than chiropractory -- Ron's helped me define an exercise and stretching routine that keeps my spinal stenosis and arthritis under control; Ron's helped me select vitamins and supplements that prevent bone loss and muscle deterioration; Ron's used related techniques like deep tissue massage to address new aches and pains. Ron has a huge 'bag of tricks' at his disposal that have helped me remain healthy and age gracefully (74 and counting).

Help for IT Band

5 5 1
As a long distance runner, I've had bad IT Band issues over the past several years and Ron has helped me work through and past that injury. I'm back to my normal training routine and see Ron monthly to help with alignment. He also provides great exercises for me to do on my own that focus on strength and stretching.


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